Why UPLEAD alternatives are needed? In B2B businesses need an extensive contact list of potential clients on a daily basis to conduct their business and expand their work. UpLead is one of the contact database services people use to get contact services. But with time other services are also getting popular as they are offering many services and work processes. There are many alternatives to UpLead out there right now that are getting popular as they are offering great services. 

In this article, I will review the top 5 UpLeads alternatives that can help your business double its lead generation quickly and easily. I will explain here why you need to know about these UpLead alternatives in b2b lead generation and how UpLead alternatives can help your business performance. 

What is UPLEAD and what are its main features?

When you are in a B2B business, you need to deal with other businesses and generate leads. Because you sell your products and services to the businesses, not to the end consumers. But reaching and engaging with so many other businesses is a difficult task. It takes a lot of time, energy, and expertise to connect with businesses. This is why automated lead generation tool services are getting popular in business nowadays.

UpLead is a popular contact database service that helps companies to get contacts and generate leads through email verification. It helps a company to search for its prospects based on its location, the industry in which they are operating, and its size. UpLead helps a company to boost its conversion rates and sales through different marketing campaign automation. 

UpLead’s main features include real-time email verification, getting contacts from over 200 countries, 50+ search criteria, tracking different technologies, custom marketing, competitor intelligence, email pattern recognition, getting social media links, robust API, etc. 

It is considered to be an amazing marketing tool in business lead generation for companies. It is easy to use even for non-tech-savvy people and it has a friendly user interface. This tool provides companies the opportunity to connect with their consumers 24/7 by providing phone support, email help, FAQs help, etc.

UPLEAD pros and cons list



Easy and straightforward to use Not much help for a large company
It saves time in finding contact lists Does clear searches properly
Helps find accurate and quality leads Old data are used in the service

Top five UPLEAD alternatives for b2b Lead Generation


People want fast and reliable services when they are looking for a business contact so that they can be successful. There are many services that are doing better than UpLead. These UpLead alternatives offer much faster and better services to their clients and cover the shortcomings of UpLead.

Let’s see a descriptive review of the top five UpLead alternatives for b2b lead generation so that you can choose which one works the best for your company:



LeadFoxy is the most popular and demanding B2B lead generation & sales automation service provider of this time. It is one of the most demanding UpLead alternatives based on the popularity of the tool. Just like UpLead, LeadFoxy also helps companies to collect contact databases, get quality leads and offers huge search criteria, searching prospects based on location and industry. Out of all UpLead alternatives, LeadFoxy is the most affordable, simple, and easy to use. 

The extra services that LeadFoxy offers are that it also segments the prospects list and nurtures leads, and it also has a free trial offer. The free trial offer is very lucrative as it allows marketers to choose which services they want to get for their business. From all the UpLead alternatives, LeadFoxy offers its consumers a free trial of its services for a certain period of time.


It is affordable and inexpensive so small businesses can easily subscribe to them.


Can be more inexpensive for small businesses and cheaper than its competitors.

Main features of LeadFoxy

  • LeadFoxy helps to extract emails by a person’s name, company name, website address, domain name, business profile, social media names, etc. 
  • LeadFoxy can extract data from all types of social media and chrome extensions.
  • The data collected by LeadFoxy is supported in all formats like CSV, XLSX, and Google sheets.
  • It can get real-time email verification
  • It helps you to interact with your favorite applications and helps to manage CRM on a single platform.
  • It also provides you with free CRM services to manage your sales transactions easily. 


One of the best UpLead alternatives is Snov.io. It is also a Lead Generation Software that offers its customers a collection of sales tools with the intention of helping businesses with their sales problems. The services offered by it include providing an extensive database, huge search options, unlimited follow-up, email verifier, etc.


Powerful and huge search option, affordable for big companies, using this you can get an unlimited follow-up of your consumers.


Increased price, limited support, and sometimes it can slow down thus hampers the working process of your company. 

Main features of Snov.io

  • Snov.io offers a free CRM service to streamline the sales process of the firm. 
  • It works as a marketing automation tool
  • It creates and edits a custom pipeline to manage sales.
  • It offers a single email search feature to find professional emails.
  • It offers technology-based search options to its consumers.



HubSpot can be called an all-in-one CRM platform for lead generation. It is a free CRM platform that is powerful and easy to use. Its tools integrate all the marketing, sales, and content management services needed by your company. All these services can help you get more leads in your company. Using this service you can easily navigate through your software within minutes and get a feeling of the products.     


It has affordable pricing options, and you can grow your email list on your own terms, flexible planning is included for the services you want to get. 


Though the services look affordable at first but they can get expensive over time, the contracts with the business have periods like 6 months and 12 months so you cannot get out of the contract before that time. 

Main features of HubSpot

  • It offers automated customer profiles and tracks consumer journeys with your company
  • It allows you to group your consumers’ contacts and segment them
  • It allows you to optimize SEO and optimize your web page, landing page, and blogs.
  • Using HubSpot you can integrate all your social media platforms and manage them easily.
  • HubSpot also offers analytics reports and a dashboard to help you track your consumer engagement with the firm’s content. 


Pardot is well known as a B2B marketing automation tool for lead generation in the business world. It is also one of the great Uplead alternatives nowadays. This software works as a marketing automation platform owned by SalesForce. It offers services like email automation, verification, making and promoting email campaigns, lead management, etc. It is popular in the b2b business community for digital marketing campaign services provided by it. 


Easy setup, easy navigation to the landing page, and digital marketing automation.


It has no free trial system, the email builder, and creating a template can be complicated. There is no free version of the service so consumers need to buy it to get the services from it. 

Main features of Pardot

  • It offers specialized tools to collect and use consumer data to generate leads for the business.
  • It allows the creation of customized content for different segments of consumers. 
  • It helps your company to keep a track of visitors to your website
  • You can receive real-time updates and sales alerts so you don’t have to constantly monitor them.
  • It helps businesses to create landing pages and business forms without proper programming knowledge. 
  • It has an engagement studio that allows you to visualize your email drip campaigns


Marketo is a powerful marketing automation tool right now. It is known for developing and selling marketing automation software. It does account-based marketing for its client companies. It provides SEO services, marketing services, and content creation services to its consumers. It helps businesses to assess and automate marketing content and tasks for lead generation. 


It is easy to use and can be used with intuition, it works as a great salesforce integration, it’s quick and simple to set up, and works great as customer support.


One of the biggest cons of using this service is that it has a poor landing page and form builder. It has limited analytics and reporting functionality and the price can jump to rise suddenly. 

Main features of Marketo

  • It offers email marketing, event marketing, SEO, and social boost services at an affordable price for its consumers. 
  • It allows content personalization, social media integration, cross-channel engagement, and marketing automation services. 
  • It allows consumers to nurture personalized marketing campaigns
  • It allows marketers to rate leads with quality and urgency
  • It has AI-driven capabilities that can help your business to discover new and unique consumers. 

Which UPLEAD alternative is best for you?

The article has reviewed the top five UpLead alternatives for your business. It really depends on what your specific needs are as to which UPLEAD alternative is best for you. LeadFoxy offers powerful B2B lead generation and sales automation features, while Snov.io provides a comprehensive set of tools for lead generation. Both platforms have their advantages and disadvantages, Be sure to carefully consider your needs before making a decision so that you can choose the UPLEAD alternative that is best for you.

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