Chatbots are pieces of software that mimic human conversation on the internet. Businesses create chatbots to engage users, deliver information, or even automate tasks like customer service. They can collect leads, which means contacting details or user preferences, to cut back on Enhancement in customer engagement and follow-up strategies.


What Is Chatbot ?

Chatbots are software applications designed for simulating human conversation over the internet. They use artificial intelligence to understand and respond to user queries or commands. 

Enabling businesses to automate all customer service, collect leads, provide information, and engage in real-time with the user.

Create A Chatbot

It requires developing software that uses artificial intelligence—for instance, chatbots powered by GPT models. This plethora of AI chatbots emulates the conversation model of a human to engage users.

They could be personalized for doing everything from customer support to information retrieval, that aids in enhancing user engagement by giving intelligent responses and interactions.


Leads Collected

Information that is collected from interactions with users is normally referred to as leads collected. AI chatbots, in particular, are powered by GPT-based technology and engage users in conversations online, capturing valuable data such as contact details and preferences. 

This information is very important for any business to understand the needs of its customers, personalize interactions, and effectively optimize marketing efforts.